Marvina Joyner

“FITting Another Piece in the Puzzle” is an absolutely amazing program that I am so grateful that my son, Devin, has had the opportunity to participate in during this school year. The program itself is truly designed with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder in mind, which is greatly appreciated. The activities are well-planned out and the organizational skills of the student volunteers are exceptional. I have yet to bring Devin in and not be greeted with big smiles and loads of positive energy. To know that there are college students willing to take time out of their Friday and Sunday … Continue reading Marvina Joyner


Marissa started going to YMCA Camp Weaver when she was 6 years old, over 11 years ago. Marissa has always been a stand-up camper, helping other campers overcome their fears and learn new things. She will be entering our Leadership in Training (LIT) program this summer as a rising sophomore in high school. The Leadership in Training program is a one-of-a-kind program at YMCA Camp Weaver that is designed to build leadership skills, group skills, self-confidence, and character. During this program Marissa will help her counselors and fellow campers work on a service project for the betterment of camp. Marissa … Continue reading Marissa

Y Leaders

Three years ago Y Leaders started with a vision and a handful of kids who were ready to make a difference. That was 2011, today Y Leaders’ consists of almost 30 teens (but reaching over 75 different teens over the last 3 years) who still have that vision but have been able to make a huge difference in the Greensboro Community. Y Leaders is a club for teens 12-18 who want to make difference through volunteering and service. Through the last 3 years they have done such projects as Animal Adoption Fairs, Salvation Army Bell Ringing, Food Drives, Bryan YMCA … Continue reading Y Leaders

Jacqueline Williams

My teenage son is enthused about participating in Achievers events and to my surprise, he has never complained about having to attend an Achievers’ meeting regardless of it being held on Saturday morning or a week-night. Over the past two years I have witnessed his continual interest in the Black and Latino Achievers Program and his transference of Achiever experiences to other domains of his life such as school (when he integrated the Youth and Government experience with his studies in his Civics class). I also remember a discussion at home where he indicated to me that he will apply … Continue reading Jacqueline Williams

Jessica Alexander

The YMCA has been a great place to give back to the community. As a mentor with the Black & Latino Achiever Program I have come to better understand what youth of today go through and creative ways to encourage them through sticky situations. I’ve also gained a new sense of what it means to really impact the lives of our youth and instill needed fundamentals for a successful future. I would tell others that the Achievers Program is a wonderful organization for youth to develop leadership skills to help them find their place I society. Continue reading Jessica Alexander