Jon Pulaski

This past swim season was a powerful year for Jon. His Dad was diagnosed with cancer 1-2 years previously, and at the start of the season his dad was going through yet again several rounds of chemotherapy. His father eventually passed away in July 2013, 4 days after seeing Jon make his first YMCA National time standard! When the 2012-13 season started, Jon was 13 and in the eighth grade, he was a swimmer who had never qualified to attend any NC 14&Under Championship Meet at any age level…despite this he registered for our highest level group, the National Team, … Continue reading Jon Pulaski

Laura Brown

Adventure comes in many guises; teaching private swim lessons at the Spears Family YMCA definitely falls under this category. It can be exciting! One faces many personal challenges teaching children and adults in every walk of life, culture, language, age, physical and mental ability and disability. And they may – or may not – have had any previous swimming experience. Other than helping adults overcome a lifelong fear of the water, especially the “deep end” where the sharks live or someone is under the water grabbing their ankles; I find great joy in teaching children with special needs to swim. … Continue reading Laura Brown