I have been a part of the Diabetes Prevention Program through the YMCA for 7 months now. I will tell you, the past 7 months have been some of the hardest, yet, most rewarding months of my life. I have gained so much knowledge on how making simple lifestyle changes can help you. I have gained knowledge on how to meal plan and how to read labels on food. I have learned to be more natural as an alternative to eating processed foods! I have stopped eating foods that contain many sugars (cupcakes, sodas, candy), and started eating foods that have natural sugars, such as a variety of fruits. Every year I have a new year’s resolution to lost weight and get healthy; however, ever year, that goes down the drain. This year for 2016 my resolution was to be a better me, to be happy. I made no mention of losing weight, or getting healthy, or anything. By being a part of the Diabetes Prevention Program, I have met my resolution, to be happy! Be a better me! Making the lifestyle choices I made were fantastic! I still have awhile to go, to be on the fitness level I want to meet; however, I am healthy and that is what matters most. If it were not for the Diabetes Prevention Program, I would have not known where to begin, or honestly, probably would not have even started the program. I was considering have a variety of different procedures to get the fat removed. I am so thankful that the Diabetes Prevention Program has helped me.


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