Jody Phillips

Reidsville YMCA Volunteer of the Year 2016.

To the world, you may be one person, but to one person, you may be the world. Those are words that come to mind when I think about Jody Phillips. Jody is a long time member of the Reidsville YMCA, but he is much more than that, he is part of our family. Jody is pretty much a fixture in our pool. He spends hours working out in the pool. But not only does he work out, he is a consummate encourager of others. He makes sure that everyone feels comfortable. He speaks with everyone and welcomes them. He first started his volunteer work with us in the pool. He volunteered to help with daycare swim lessons. Imagine that for a moment… volunteering to help with 7-10, three and four year olds who may or may not even want to be in the water.. Jody is a very brave man.

Next… Bright Beginnings. Jody found out that we were taking children back to school shopping. His only questions… how many times can I go, and how many kids can I help! And then.. Jody learned that we needed volunteers for our annual 5k, the Turkey Trot, his response, how can I help? Put me wherever you need me. That’s what he does. He sees a need and steps in.

And then, another need…Jody moved on and volunteered to help with our summer camp feeding program. I am not even sure if he was every officially asked. He just saw the need and offered to help. The Reidsville YMCA was fortunate enough to receive a grant that provided breakfast and lunch for our summer camp kids each day. The only hang up, we had to actually pick up the food each day. Y’s can be a little short staffed, especially during the summer. We were really struggling the first week, and Jody realized this. He first volunteered to help a couple days each week, which was a tremendous help. That then evolved into every day. Rain or shine, Jody was more reliable than the post office. Jody ensured that the children had breakfast and lunch every day. Some of these children would not have had the meals if they had not been provided at the Y. Many of these children were on free lunch for the school year and struggle each summer. Jody helped to provide meals to those children each day. Over the course of the summer, he was an integral part in making sure that over 1500 meals were provided to children in Rockingham County.

Jody has continued to help. Where he sees a need, he steps in. The Reidsville YMCA is a better place because of Jody Phillips and I cannot imagine it without him.

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