Bill Wise

Ragsdale Volunteer of the Year 2016

I am writing on behalf of Coach Bill Wise, the Ragsdale YMCA Volunteer of the year for 2016. While I have only been the Ragsdale YMCA Sports Director for a short time; I have been fortunate enough to know Coach Wise for almost five years as a part of the Ragsdale YMCA. During the course of the past few years I have come to learn that he personifies all that a YMCA volunteer should be. Coach Wise embodies many of the qualities we could hope to find in a volunteer coach, and has all the ingredients necessary to help the children he coaches to achieve success on the court, the classroom, and beyond.

The volunteer has the innate tendency to place the interests and needs of all our players before his own, and his selflessness serves as a model to YMCA staff and coaches alike. Preferring to let his actions speak loudest, he has emerged as an influential leader within our program. Coach Wise has taken extra time outside of his scheduled practices and during his time off to work with program members. He has also assisted with YMCA basketball camps and organized special practices within his age group with other coaches of the program. In his own words he describes why he volunteers.

“I have been a volunteer basketball coach at the YMCA for about 10 years. It has been and continues to be a rewarding experience to participate in the growth and confidence building process of the children and young adults that use the Y. I believe that it is important for adults that have benefited from others helping them along the way to give back with their time to support the growth and development of our future.” – Bill Wise

Matt Thorne
Ragsdale YMCA Sport Director


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