Ophelia Freeman

I absolutely love the Bryan Family YMCA. I started going to the Y the lose weight to qualify for a liver transplant. I have two diseases; Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis(PSC) & Crohns diease. PSC is a chronic liver disease that causes strictures in ones liver bile ducts causing cirrhosis & eventually liver failure. It’s a progressive disease. It can take years to get to end stage liver failure, or in my case seven years. People with PSC usually also have some type of irritable bowel disorder such as Crohns or Ulcerative Colitis no one knows why.

In the past year my disease has progressed to end stage & I need a transplant. I was able to lose 60lbs at the YMCA with the help of great trainers. When I first started it seemed impossible. The staff pushed me to my limit & were so encouraging! I lost all the weight necessary to be listed on the organ donor list. Thankfully I lost the weight in good timing because I am a little weaker at this point & can’t work hard as I use to. So basically the staff & the trainers I worked with saved my life & gave me the tools to keep going.

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