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Deanna is an active 8th grader who enjoys cheerleading, volleyball, softball, dancing and shopping! Deanna attended YMCA Camp Weaver for the first time this past August. She was diagnosed with diabetes in 2013 and wears an insulin pump. Deanna’s mom, Kim, had no reservations about her health care needs when deciding to register for camp and said, “it was a great experience for Deanna”. The Y Camp staff were very attentive to her needs and made sure to monitor Deanna’s eating habits while she was at resident camp. Mom says “the staff at Camp Weaver did an excellent job in assisting Deanna with her diabetic care”. Deanna’s favorite thing about camp was the choice of so many different activities. YMCA Camp Weaver offers a variety of activities from swimming in the lake to arts and crafts to horseback riding. “I never got bored”, Deanna said. Staying active is an important part of managing diabetes and keeping Deanna, and other children with diabetes, in good health. Deanna and her family were extremely thankful that Y Camp could provide such a uniquely active environment. Deanna also made lots of new friends and they continue to stay in touch throughout the school year. Deanna is already making plans to attend YMCA Camp Weaver next summer and is working diligently to manage her diabetes in a safe and healthy manner.

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