Y Leaders

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Three years ago Y Leaders started with a vision and a handful of kids who were ready to make a difference. That was 2011, today Y Leaders’ consists of almost 30 teens (but reaching over 75 different teens over the last 3 years) who still have that vision but have been able to make a huge difference in the Greensboro Community. Y Leaders is a club for teens 12-18 who want to make difference through volunteering and service. Through the last 3 years they have done such projects as Animal Adoption Fairs, Salvation Army Bell Ringing, Food Drives, Bryan YMCA special events, Pancake Suppers, and much more. Not only do they volunteer and serve, but they have fun too- ACC Women’s Tournament, Tubing in Asheville, Bowling, and Grasshopper Games are just a few of the fun group activities used as team building to help grow the bond in the group! Y Leaders’ has benefited several kids who have gone onto college as well. One previous participant said she was accepted to college with a major scholarship “and I know your program was one of the reasons”! Registration for Y Leaders is every year in August, and we are always looking for teens who are willing to step up, be a leader, and make a difference! #followtheleader

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