Sam and Audrey Tate


As producers of the Young World Radio Show, we are very pleased to be associated with the Black & Latino Achievers youth program sponsored by the Hayes-Taylor YMCA of Greensboro. Under the direction of Mrs. Myrna Wigley, the program has grown tremendously and continues to enrich the lives of local youth. Mrs. Wigley’s years of hard work and dedication has ensured that program participants have an opportunity to discover their own potential in education and career paths. We are excited about our partnership with Mrs. Wigley and her team of program supporters and volunteers to provide just one of the many positive activities offered to the participants.

The Young World Radio Show has been a part of our lives and our hearts for over fifteen years now. For over seven of those years, we have produced the show featuring the talents of local youth from the Greensboro and Reidsville areas. We work with the youth in small groups and on a one on one basis to help develop their communication skills (including, but not limited to, public speaking and creative writing). The youth are coached and carefully guided in order to promote self confidence while learning new skills that will last a lifetime.

Since the beginning of our involvement with the program, we have seen so many participants start as either extremely shy, or a bit boisterous and overconfident. We have noticed that during the teaching and recording sessions, the youth undergo a positive transformation over time. With Mrs. Wigley’s assistance and leadership, the youth also gradually become more balanced and well-rounded in the way they speak, behave and present themselves in general. The older students start to inspire the younger students as they become more confident in their radio show hosting skills. They all become more excited about learning new skills and expanding their knowledge of the world they live in.

The overall success of the Young World Radio Show with the Hayes-Taylor YMCA Black & Latino Achiever’s program would not be possible without Mrs. Wigley’s diligence and encouraging attitude. Her support of the show as well as support of the youth has allowed them to flourish and shine while exploring the field of broadcasting and mass communication.

Mrs. Wigley has truly inspired program participants in a positive manner. She leads by example, and helps them to understand how furthering their education, learning life skills and giving back to their local community can help them enjoy a better quality of life. We are honored to have had the opportunity to work with her, the youth and the local staff and program administrators. We greatly appreciate your support, and hope to continue to be involved in making a positive impact on youth in the Black & Latino Achievers program in the future.

Sam & Audrey Tate, Co-Producers of The Young World Radio Show