Marvina Joyner


“FITting Another Piece in the Puzzle” is an absolutely amazing program that I am so grateful that my son, Devin, has had the opportunity to participate in during this school year. The program itself is truly designed with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder in mind, which is greatly appreciated. The activities are well-planned out and the organizational skills of the student volunteers are exceptional. I have yet to bring Devin in and not be greeted with big smiles and loads of positive energy. To know that there are college students willing to take time out of their Friday and Sunday afternoons to work with children with ASD is extremely commendable! Not only is this helpful for the children, but the hour and a half that they are in the program also provides respite for the parents…something that is hard to come by. Devin looks forward to Sunday afternoons and “going to the YMCA!” It is so special that he has something to look forward to and I wish it was a program that could be done year-round! UNCG has created a phenomenal program in “FITting Another Piece in the Puzzle.” It is my hope that it will continue to be available during the school years to come.

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