Jacqueline Williams


My teenage son is enthused about participating in Achievers events and to my surprise, he has never complained about having to attend an Achievers’ meeting regardless of it being held on Saturday morning or a week-night. Over the past two years I have witnessed his continual interest in the Black and Latino Achievers Program and his transference of Achiever experiences to other domains of his life such as school (when he integrated the Youth and Government experience with his studies in his Civics class). I also remember a discussion at home where he indicated to me that he will apply his conflict management training to help us come to an agreement and resolve our differences regarding the amount of “video gaming” time allowed. I have witness the maturation of my son, a teenager with high energy, a creative mind, and a playful spirit. His growth in body, mind, and soul is a result of interacting with the Achievers program administrators and mentors who clearly understood how to encourage Youth to excel in personal development, leadership, conflict management, civic responsibility, and teamwork. He enjoys his Achiever peers as well. I am truly appreciative of the Black and Latino Achievers program and am proud to say that my son is affiliated with this organization.

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