Dawn Horsey



To the sponsors and volunteers and staff of the YMCA Bright Beginnings Program,

I am so thankful and appreciative of your program it has taken a heavy load off of my current situation. I am an underemployed Nursing Assistant. I have taken a cut in pay, fewer work hours and just able to pay rent to keep a roof over me and my 10 year olds head. I haven’t been able to shop for her due to my current financial difficulties. I am very thankful for the effort put towards this wonderful, enlightening experience my daughter was able to participate in. She was so happy and she smiled so brightly on the bus as it entered the parking lot on the way back to the YMCA. She was so very happy to be able to shop on her own. This will be an improvement on her attitude about how preteens should look and feel. She had a great volunteer ‘Tiffany JA” who informed me that my child was a pleasure to be with. I just would like to say thank you very much.


Dawn Horsey

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