Camp Weaver

camp aquatics
Hannah cutting the ribbon at our KaBOOM! day

Every Camper who attends YMCA Camp Weaver and is unable to pass the swim test has the opportunity to take swim lessons as a part of their camp experience. .

Hannah has been attending camp for four years now. She took swim lessons during her first summer in 2010. “Hannah looked forward to the swim lessons” says her mother, Karen Sutton.
Hannah very much enjoyed the opportunity to improve her swimming ability, especially in her favorite setting – at camp!

“She couldn’t swim before the lessons and now she’s always in the water. She loves to dive in the water. She’s very confident now. Even when we’re on vacation, she’s at the pool at the hotel. Now we go to the indoor pool at the Y. And she wants a pool party for her birthday party this summer!” says Hannah’s mother. Hannah’s swim experience with the Y has had a large impact on Hannah confidence level around water.

Some of our Camp staff, Nicola (better known as Skippy, her Camp name) and Katie (better known as Princess) have taught swim lessons for the past few summers at YMCA Camp Weaver. “They made her feel so special when she passed the test and get her green band,” said Mrs. Sutton about the encouraging Y Camp staff.

Katie or Princess, a lifeguard at YMCA Camp Weaver says “Swim lessons are important because they give children confidence in the water and out”. Katie has seen first hand the great positive effect that swim lessons has had on several children she has helped learn to swim.

Mrs. Sutton said that Camp Weaver made all the difference in Hannah’s personality. “She was very shy before camp. Would not do a sleepover birthday party, but now she will. I think that’s the reason she went out for cheerleading, band, and she was in a play. I will always credit Camp Weaver for that. Everyone tells me she used to be so shy, but now she’s a very vocal young lady. Tradition of camp should be an experience for every child. if every child had this experience, it’d change their life for the better. ”

Swim lessons are available at camp at no additional cost for children with little to no swimming experience to improve their skills as a part of Day or Overnight Camp.

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