Terrance Horne


Terrance Horne participated in the Bryan Y ANTS camp in 2013. He was a lemon ant, 7 years old, and was so excited to be at camp this year. Terrance has Sickle Cell and is being raised by his Grandmother. They came to the Bryan YMCA as part of our scholarship program and quickly became a favorite of the camp and Y staff. Terrance has an enthusiasm for life that many do not have, especially many facing such a daunting illness and family instability for the first part of his life. His grandmother has fought to get Terrance the best education and every opportunity she can. Through Camp Terrance receives positive male role models that he normally would not, his Grandmother expressed her deep appreciation for that again this year when signing Terrance up for 2014, where he is so excited to be a Leaf Cutter Ant this year! He gets to wear the green shirt. He has spend the whole year talking about how excited he is to go back to the Bryan Y this summer and come to camp. He talks of little else all year long. At camp Terrance gets to be a kid, not one with Sickle Cell or one that can’t do what the other kids do because they can’t afford it, he is just a kid. No one acts strange when he has a Sickle Cell attack he gets to just be. Terrance is a sweet heart who has captured the hearts of everyone who gets to know him.

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