Camp Weaver

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Here at YMCA Camp Weaver CAMP is our life! It’s difficult to pick just one story to share because there are so many instances we see each year where children are able to learn and grow all while having tons of fun and making memories that will last a lifetime.

Camp is a place where kids are able to develop life skills and build friendships that have an outstanding positive influence on their future endeavors, while participating in exciting activities that they may never again have the opportunity to come into contact with. Children leave Camp with an increased self-confidence; which prepares them for school and life.

Individuals touched by Camp Weaver truly become better people. Here at Camp Weaver we have experienced this first hand and have witnessed it countless times over the years. Camp doesn’t only better the lives of children. Staff and family members are also changed by their experience with Camp.

When asked How has your child changed as a result of Camp? one of our camper parents responded, “Since his first year at camp, Gabe has progressively become more confident in all aspects of his life (friendship, school, athletics). He tries new things now with excitement instead of fear. He has also become very active and athletic”.

Answering the same question, Mckensey’s mother states, “My daughter wants to be a camp counselor now. She wants to help kids and have a positive impact on them like her camp counselors had on her”.

Felix and Isaac’s parent responded, “Our children learned social skills that are invaluable. They talk about the activities they participated in camp all year long. They were happy at camp, excited about it every day, and had an experience that will last them a lifetime”.

These short tidbits of a few of our camper’s stories paint a picture of the invaluable experience camp gives deserving children. We are so happy to be a part of the YMCA, providing quality and safe camp experiences to more children year after year!

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