Carrie Thurman

Carrie Thruman

What drew you to the Y? Growing up my family was involved at our local YMCA. I always loved the community focus of the Y. When we had children we needed somewhere that would provide a good source of activities and the Ragsdale YMCA was the place. It is very convenient to home, work, and school which is great as well.

Why did you choose the Y over other places? We had friends that were members and the location was optimal.

How has the Y changed your life? We have met so many people at the Y who have become close friends / workout buddies. My kids stay active and in shape. They are involved in the GCY Makos swim team, Go FAR, and basketball. This is very important to us as a family.

What would you tell others about the Y? That it is a wonderful family centered gym. I feel like my kids are in a safe, structured environments when they participate in activities and they love being there, I truly love my Y and the supportive staff that work there.

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