Tristen Cole

Tristen Cole photo

I started playing sports at the YMCA when I was 3 years old. My first sport was soccer and it was fun. I got to run around and kick the ball. The best part was having new friends to play with. We learned how to share the ball and I even scored a goal. I think everybody on the team got one goal. I also played in the goal which was fun. We had 3 coaches and one of them was my dad and I enjoyed having my dad at the field coaching us. I would jump on him and my new friends would join in. I also played basketball and that was really fun. They called me “smiley” because I smiled so much during the game. I enjoyed running after the ball and trying to shoot it in the goal. I met some great friends when I started playing basketball. My teammates have become some of my best friends and I look forward to each sport because I know I get to run around and see them at practice or at games. Now I’m playing against some of my teammates who were on my team at one point and it’s fun to go against them and talk before and after the games. I wasn’t interested in football at first but I decided to ask dad to sign me up for flag football. He was surprised I wanted to play. When my basketball teammates found out my dad was going to coach me in flag football we decided to play together and try out the new sport. My favorite part of flag football was learning how to grab the other teams flags. I also scored a few Td’s. I enjoy all sports because I know I will see my friends and we can hang out together. The YMCA sport program helps me become a better teammate and friend. I look forward to learning how to be a good sport win or lose with my friends. I love my teammates!


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