Travis Kelley

Travis Kelley

 What drew you to the Y?
We had very good experiences at the Kernersville YMCA. I’ve always liked the outreach and the sense of community that the Y promotes. It’s a fundamentally good organization with strong roots, and you can see the benefits and impact it has on the surrounding area. It’s definitely something that I wanted to be a part of.
 Why did you choose the Y over other places?
I’ve coached soccer and basketball at the Kernersville YMCA, Madison Rec. dept., Stokesdale Rec. dept., and Spears YMCA. The sports programs at Spears are head-and-shoulders above all the others. The organization is outstanding, the staff is very knowledgeable and easy to work with, and the atmosphere is very welcoming. Everything is planned out very, very well and there aren’t any surprises. Scheduling, uniforms, trophies, weather updates, fields, equipment… You can tell that the folks who run these programs put a lot of time and effort into their jobs, and it pays off extremely well. We were looking for a well-run program, and we found it at Spears.
 How has the Y changed your life?
It’s been such a joy coaching and watching the kids grow and learn. Being able to see players have fun and develop skills at the same time is awesome. I’m just a big kid running around out there with the little kids. We just had the year-end soccer party for the 5-6 year old team and the 9-10 year old team where we gave out trophies, ate pizza and cupcakes, and played a parents vs. kids game. We had 86 people show up, which was amazing. We were together for 4 hours, and everyone had a good time.
 What would you tell other about the Y?
Kids need to learn to like playing first, before they learn how to play. Spears is a high-quality organization where players have fun while gaining fundamental skills. Some places focus so much on drills and individual specific skills that it puts pressure on the kids and make it not fun. Fun should always be first.

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