The Stephens

We love Spring Soccer at the Y because that’s what started our involvement with Y Sports. We have 6 children and needed some help to be able to get them to participate in anything. The Y was there for us! Our children learned from coaches who were coaching because they wanted to be there and the principles that they taught were foundational principles that apply to all areas of life.
Although each coach wanted to win, winning was not the most important thing to them. Playing the game with good sportsmanship, being a team player, never giving up, always giving all that they could and making consistent improvement are what coaches focused on. The increased skills and the occasional wins and championships came along as a by-product. The Y has been great for those of our children who have now progressed into very high levels of competition and also for those who wanted to play just to have a great time. Spring soccer at the Y is a part of our life now… a part that we very much enjoy and are very thankful for. It’s what we’ve come to mark as the beginning and end of our Spring!

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