For our Spring Sports story we decided to reach out to our counselors from this past summer to see if they remembered any sports specific special moments at camp. One of our international staff members, “Stu”, from Scotland shared one of his favorite sports related camp experiences with us. Stu stated, “Although I wasn’t sports staff I remember working one weekend where we played sports as an activity. It has stuck in my mind as I remember seeing the growth in confidence of our international campers, with particular focus to the South Korean’s and the Spanish campers. Looking back at the start of their camp experience it was clear the “magic of camp” had made an impact on their personal development. It wasn’t until we were outside playing sports [that I realized], I believe it was a game which was a cross between cricket and football (American Soccer). Anyway…whilst playing the game I really noticed both groups participating with so much confidence and taking notice of the “I am third” motto as they all worked together as a team, supporting all members regardless of their talent. They were including all players and the main part which stuck out at me was the Spanish camper’s ability to motivate teammates who lacked confidence. They were able to support their team and keep their spirits high throughout and for me this was such an amazing experience to share.” This story shares the significance that simple game can have on children of all ages. Here at YMCA Camp Weaver we have a strong focus on the growth of self confidence and strengthening of social skills. Stu’s personal story about international campers experiencing a new and exciting game highlights these growth opportunities and illustrates the power of play!

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