Roger and Adam Church

What drew you to the Y?
The Y was my first job after college. I was an aquatics director then moved up to be an associate director. Since then, I have had a huge place in my heart for the Y.

Why did you choose the Y over other places?
There is so much diversity here and that is important to my family. The fact that the Y puts into practice Judeo Christian values is also important.

How did you get started running?
26 yrs ago when I was in college, a friend asked me to start running with him. I have been running ever since. I now run with the Dashers at the Y.

How does Adam respond to training?
Adam, our son, was born with both Downs Syndrome and autism so we try to keep him as active as possible. Starting when He was six months old, I would run with him in the jogger and he seemed to like it so we just kept running together. This is something we can do to spend time together.

What would you tell others about the Y?
The Y is a great gathering place. The Y provides a good place for fitness but is not like other health clubs.

How many races have you participated in?
Way over 100 races
Over 70 triathlons

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