Patrick Vernon

Patrick Vernon

The Reidsville Y is like a second home to our family. We’ve been coming since our 9 year old was 6 months old, so our children have actually grown up there.

The pool is high on our list for things we like about the Y. All 3 kids have taken swim lessons, my wife has taken advantage of aquatics classes, and I am one of the “regulars” in the lap lanes. I don’t mind sharing a lane with someone because I might have to ask for the favor another time.

In November 2009 when I had open heart surgery in Greensboro it meant so much to have one of the Reidsville YMCA employees come visit with my family while I was in surgery. Such acts of kindness knit together the Reidsville Y members and staff with the larger community of Reidsville and the surrounding area.

Taekwondo classes with Master Davidson, shooting hoops in the gym, burning off calories on the workout equipment or in the Energy Factory, taking advantage of the Child Watch services…. there’s so much you can do!

Recently when the pool was closed for refurbishment I spend the month of September using one of the larger branches in Greensboro and though their facilities are newer and larger, the atmosphere couldn’t compare to the Reidsville Y. I missed my pool and my friends that grace the doors on Main Street.

Why do we like the Y? We don’t; we love it!

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