YMCA Camp Weaver could not do what it does without all of the extra support it receives from community members and other volunteers. Sometimes the support comes in the form of a donation, other times it is an organizational partnership, usually though, it’s in the form of a person. Whether that person is young or old, they are a valuable part of our YMCA community. Today however, we’d like to focus on one of our longest serving volunteers and recognize all that he has does for the Y and Camp Weaver specifically over the years. His name is Michael Holt, and we at YMCA Camp Weaver are lucky to know him. Meet Michael:

How did he get involved with Camp Weaver?
He moved to Greensboro from New Jersey in 1985. His youngest daughter at the time needed somewhere to go after school and so Michael and his wife enrolled their daughter into YMCA Camp Weaver’s after-school program we had at the time and used that as childcare. Eventually his kids started to go to the various camps during the summer (day camp, overnight camp, horse camp) and he began to get more involved. He started out with Camp Weaver solely as a customer but as he and his family became more involved with Camp Weaver, especially when his daughter became a camp counselor, he started to become more than just a customer but a volunteer and active member of the YMCA community. Around 1990 Michael even got asked to be on the Board of Directors for Camp Weaver which he served on until just recently. In addition to this, over the years Michael has led groups of boy scouts at camp, completed service projects at camp, helped the camp pass inspection to get American Camp Association “first rate” certified and even has helped managing camp finances. By now, there isn’t much that Michael hasn’t helped with!

What is Michael doing for YMCA Camp Weaver now?
Micheal is currently working with one of our staff members to put together a history of Camp Weaver. He is especially useful in this task because he has been around the Y and Camp Weaver so long he can recognize many of the people and events in old photos that need to be labeled or explained. He also still likes to come out and help on the archery range.

What’s his favorite part of being involved with Camp Weaver?
As an organization, Michael is “all in favor of the camp’s mission and way they carry it out.” He also enjoys the people he gets to work with through Camp Weaver. Lastly, being involved with Camp Weaver dovetails into his other interests such as scouts which both are about working with and serving the youth.

We asked Michael to describe Camp Weaver in one word. What did he say?

What are some of his favorite memories with Camp Weaver?
“One experience really jumps out to me. My daughter had been working staff out here, she had done after-school program, program directing, day camp, summer camp, cabin counselor, horseback camp, over a period of years she did lots of different things. One week while he was out helping on the range he knew his daughter was working the horseback camp and went to go see her. At this time each week when horseback camp ended there was a horse show where all the kids one at a time would get on a horse and do their stuff. Well, there is a big traffic control issue with this as horses aren’t like cars. Certain horses have to be in the front, others in the back, some move faster than others and so you can’t just let them go the kids and the horses have to be matched up correctly. And so I came out and my daughter was the one directing the traffic and I had never seen her in working professional mode like she was then, only in playing/fun mode, and it was great to watch her keep all the balls in the air. The experience really showed how much she had learned and Camp Weaver very much so helped her learn leadership skills.”

Along with this memory, Michael described the feeling of being able to see some of the same campers over and over again and watch them grow up. He mentioned being able to have his grandkids come down to North Carolina from their varying states of residence and attend camp here and the privilege of getting to watch them enjoy it. He and his wife started a tradition where the kids would come down every summer and go to camp. Another fun memory is that his wife ran “granny camp” where she was literally the granny. Finally, looking back at his experience with YMCA Camp Weaver as a whole rather than any particular moment, Michael has enjoyed watching the camp develop in the past 10 or 11 years.

He said, “it has been renovated through a big help from Mike Weaver who made that possible (through funds, vision and leadership) and since then the camp has really turned into a “First rate camp.” Michael was able to help make happen and the camp is in a great trajectory to keep improving and keep becoming better.”

Michael may not have known the journey he was going to take with Camp Weaver the first day he dropped off his daughter at camp for some fun, but we are sure glad he did. Thank you Michael for all you have done for Camp Weaver and all you continue to do. And thank you to all who, like Michael, support Camp Weaver in your various ways so that we can continue to grow and uplift our community together!

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