Jordan’s Story

Jordan is a summer camp counselor who leveraged her Y experiences and connections to explore her passion for childcare and kickstart her career. Here is Jordan’s story. When I became a camp counselor, I was an eighteen-year-old college sophomore hoping to pursue a career in education. I was searching for an opportunity to work with kids and had little experience. I had no idea how much working for the YMCA would impact my life and pave the way for my future dreams to come true. I was a camp counselor for five summers. I worked consistently with 5-6-year-old campers, and … Continue reading Jordan’s Story

Marie’s Story

Marie participated in the LIVESTRONG program at Spears YMCA and graduated from the program in May of 2018. Here is Marie’s story. “Livestrong gave me encouragement! Being with other survivors and watching everyone improve their strength and endurance made me want to work and build my body back up. Chuck was so sweet to encourage me and share his story with me that made me want to stick with a consistent exercise program. Everyone was so kind to each other and we truly developed some strong connections and friendships. I would and do highly recommend Livestrong to other survivors.” I was diagnosed … Continue reading Marie’s Story